About Share N' Chat!
MOST IMPORTANT TECHNOLOGY OF OUR FUTURE! Collective Chain Technology Secure. Network. Communication. Share N’ Chat! The Future of Social Media! “Together We Can Create a Better World!” Our Vision! Our Goal! Our Mission! Is Ultimately to Interconnect the World in a Better Way! “The GOAL is to Connect all the Communities in the World!” SNC connects users by Geographical Area!

“Together We Can Create a Better World!” This is Serious! We Need You! You are Vital to Our Success! “We all need to come together HERE and NOW to support the Greater Good. What we are trying to create is a system we can trust. Our current system is corrupt.” We have a new system in place and already operational. A system that we can all benefit from. A unique and revolutionary system where the more you support it, the more it supports you. 

Now is the time to unite in a collective community with a collective currency that is powered by the people for the people. Our system gets its value from the users.  

The Share N’Chat Network is for all ages and for all of us to connect in a place with a moral compass. A system that is safe for every user worldwide. People will respect that we are a G-Rated Network for all of humanity to use and benefit from.  

Our vision is to be able to use our technology to help people on multiple levels. What we created is a real solution for what is going on in the world. THE WORLD NEEDS THIS!!!

We are in an age where technology can connect the world like never before. We can create money for all of us in a way that will allow the world to thrive

We all need to support each other and come together collectively. This is a   GAME CHANGER for EVERYONE as we are creating a Share N' Chat for every community in the world. 

ShareNChat.NET Our Vision! Our Goal! Our Mission! 

SNC’s vision is ultimately to interconnect the world in a better way using Collective Chain Technology (CCT). This technology is REVOLUTIONARY

The time has come where technology is at level where we can reformat the way we experience the web in a more pleasing way. Imagine a Google that looked like Facebook but not just one feed, but a feed on any g-rated topic or place on the planet.

The Smart App will automatically pull content and display it on your personal feeds in the form of images, videos and text. As well you can connect, even live, with others online at the same time who share your interests, all over the world.

You can have a feed on any topic or place or thing as long as it is G-Rated, as our network is for all ages. We are a Moral Network and require all users to support and respect that. 

Since the network powers its own token, it is money itself. We created a collective of currency for the collective community. ShareCOIN is a collective currency coin or token. SNC is a network of smart apps that work together.

Communication App, Social Hub app, Banking app, Money Exchange app, Shopping app, Video app and Music app all interconnected so you can connect, share and chat with each other in our collective community. Think of it in terms of an “All Inclusive” resort, an all in one hub.   

A place that also has a convenient money system set up and the highest of security. ShareNChat will revolutionize the way that we interact locally and internationally.