“Personal Message” from the founder of SNC to humanity. TIME to THRIVE Together!

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It is Time for US to THRIVE Together!" Join US FREE! http://ShareNChat.NET SNC is Essentially an “All in One Smart Web Hub” that benefits you as a user. You earn money just by using it. All actions are rewarded. FREE REPORT Success in 7 Days! http://SUCCESSin7Days.com/ Share N&#

“Personal Message” from the founder of SNC to humanity.
Shawn Vibert - C.E.O W.T.S. Technology
Welcome to Share N’ Chat! Our goal is to collectively unite all our brothers and sisters on earth in a system we can trust in, a collective system that supports us. One built with integrity.
SNC is a system that works for the people and is built for the people by everyone worldwide in a system that interconnects all us by location, community and or topic or brand, or any g-rated word.
Our goal is for you and me to thrive here on earth together in a better way. My goal is for us to live a life of greatness filled with joy and happiness where we all respect life and each other truly.
Share N Chat Community is a new system or platform for us all collectively to thrive with. S.N.C. will have a huge impact on all of us. “
This is a big goal and there are many limitations to overcome, first we need to have a platform to be able to have an open dialog with uncontrolled conversations that are uncensored. Where we can come to a common understanding and a mutual respect.
“IN TIME WILL UNDERSTAND” When you hurt anyone, you are essentially hurting yourself. We as humanity are going against the law of love. There is really only one law that supersedes all other laws. “Do NOT harm” yourself and or others.”
We should strive to be the best we can be in the world. You might start living your life differently. Honoring each other and yourself and the world we live in. Meaning taking actions that will create a positive result for yourself.
We are energy, you should desire good energy. Love is energy is good. Love is positive! If we could come to this understanding on a global scale we could all Thrive Together in a Collective Community!
Once you awaken to this deeper truth, wars will become nonsensical, helping each other will become common sense. Will all have more peace, and harmony and money in lives to thrive together in this beautiful world we created to experience.
We would have more desire to do good. It would only make sense to help the collective community thrive. We now have a new way, the only sensible way to live.
Once you understand who you are at a deep level. No one needs to suffer, there is more than enough money in the world for us all to thrive.
We are literally creating money for all of humanity. Called ShareCOIN Token, it will become the collective currency for the world.
Once we support the system, all of us in the collective community. In the future once enough money is created will start building communities and supporting communities around the world till we unite all of humanity.
In time it will become the only logical thing to do and the only way to live.
SNC is the platform we can use that has a reward system where we are essentially creating money for everyone who uses Share N’ Chat called Share COIN Token.
Shawn Vibert - “Together we Can Create a Better World!”