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S.N.C. TUTORIAL: How to Get Your Own Domain Name or Branded URL in Share N' Chat Back Office!

Why Get Your Own Domain Name?? This creates a Simple Way to Share!”
This way people can remember yourname.com and not a long random numbered link. It is a proven fact online that the success rate skyrockets when affiliates get their own domain and share it.”

Which link would you rather click on or share??

A: ?


B: ?

BENEFITS of Your Own Domain:

You can bring it up in conversation and when you share your link in posts people will click it. In the internet marketing world, success marketers will all tell you this.

As a member of SNC you are an affiliate. You as a member are a part of the success of the collective community. Why not increase your success and our success by getting your own domain name.

It is cheap, simple and easy with huge upside potential. This also gives you a personal connection to SNC that you can feel proud of.

Share N’ Chat is a Social Network with a Referral Program!

SNC will always be free but we have an ad platform and pro memberships where you can get paid for the referral.

Meaning if you share your link and someone signs up you get paid when they order ad packages and or pro memberships. Pro memberships give you access to advanced smart scheduling software and the SNC Super System.

You can even make your own webpage within Share N’ Chat! You can have a domain go directly to your page within SNC. This is a fast, simple way to have your own domain and web page online that can earn you money from. We have just under 300 Categories preloaded into SNC!

We are reformatting the way we experience the web in a better way where user experience is simplified and organized in a way that the average joe can use the web and have success.

“S.N.C. is a Next Level All In One Web Portal.”

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